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We ask Kengo Kuma, the architect behind the New National Stadium, how he sees Japan and the world after 2020.

Architect kengo kuma
Kengo Kuma

As I write this article, I myself am a practitioner of the workcation. I am working from two locations, Japan and the Netherlands.


Have you ever wondered how much of our water comes in plastic bottles and where it comes from?

Water SDG’s
Image credit: Tetsuro Miyazakiand used with permission from KRNWTR website

What exactly is a business which designs with an awareness of the discarding stage of a product?

Image credit: Mark Koolen

What does it take to make a company that’s loved by its staff? Haruki Osawa share with us

* Motivate Your Team Members

Davis Smith, Founded Cotopaxi after working at a VC and starting up a few other companies. While being a serial entrepreneur, he’s also an angel investor, investing in startups such as Warby Parker and Allbirds.

Davis Smith
Davis Smith, CEO of Cotopaxi

So speaks Stephanie Korey, the co-founder of Away. We delve into the secrets behind the suitcase brand that all the US is talking about.

Times Square, 6 am. An endlessly blue sky spans over the
city as if the heavy snow of the day before was just a dream.
Gigantic screens on either side flash advertisements of
loved companies such as Disney and Apple.

People see Apple’s success, and many have learned the importance of design from them. The ideal fusion of startups and design.

Naoya Edahiro

Denmark has been called the world’s happiest country. What Japan should learn from Denmark, the country of happiness?

Hiroshi Osonoi

Dwelling thoughtfully inside the millennial mind of Chinese, while merely asking the entrepreneurs at WeWork in Beijing.

China’s entrepreneur
Han Lee


Okamura creates new value in spaces where people work and live. Heightened inspiration means greater productivity. Where comfort and health go hand in hand.

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